Let’s go wireless


Transmitter Module


Receiver Module

While participating in the national level Robotics competition in various categories like Robowars, underwater, on the surface of water, pic n drop object; the main hassle our team used to face was of wires. So, I decided that we will go wireless. Hence, after a bit of research, I developed the transmitter receiver pair using HT12E as an encoder and HT12 D as the decoder IC. Here is a brief of specs:


1. 256 channels using DIP switch: Tx and Rx module should have the same configuration of of the DIP switch inorder to communicate with each other. 8 Switches in a DIP prive 256 (2^8) configurations. Hence, a total of 256 pairs can work simultaneously without interference.

2. 4 ON/OFF switch: The module can be used as a remote control with the 4 swtiches provided on transmitter.

3. Current Driver: Received has L293D onboard which can drive a maximum of 1A to drive motor for small robots or any other output device in the given range.

4. External Antennas: Both the module have external antennas and RF circuit.

5. Input Power: 8-12V

6. Frequency: 433 MHz