1. Asian Innovation Award, Wall Street Journal    |  Nov. 2012
    Accredited among the top 12 entries from Asia whose business ideas and execution was chosen to have high degree of innovation,
    the quality of execution and potential impact on quality of life and productivity.
  2. Accenture Innovation Jockeys powered by Yahoo! , Grand Prize Winner    |  April 2012
    Won Grand Finale of Innovation Jockeys (organized by Accenture and Yahoo) for Project ‘viSparsh: A Haptic Belt for visually impaired’ out of 1082 entries. We also received a sponsored trip to Accenture Innovation Labs, Sophia Antipolis.
  3. Health 2.0 Developers World Cup, San Francisco  |  Oct. 2012
    Won 2nd Prize at Health 2.0 Developers World Cup at San Francisco. Developed ‘KAVACH’, a wearable health monitoring
    platform which sends real-time data to Azure (cloud) and can be integrated with Electronic Health Records.
  4. The Power of Ideas , IIM Ahmedabad in association with Dept. of Science and Technology    |  Sept. 2012
    Received a cash grant of INR 2 lakhs for our non-profit, start-up ‘Wish A Change’ aimed at delivering low cost technologies in the domains of Health care and Assistive Technologies.
  5. Editor’s Choice Award: Maker Faire, New York City  |  Sept. 2013
    Awarded editor’s choice award at Maker Faire for presenting ‘circuit sticker’ project.
  6. Imagine Cup, Microsoft (Achieving United Nation Millennium Development Goals)   |  April 2011
    Awarded 2nd Prize at Imagine Cup 2011, USA National Finals for the project PregnaCare System. It provides IT & embedded system based solution for solving maternal and child health care problems in rural areas. Media Video
  7. Imagine Cup – Microsoft, Poland (The world’s premier student technology competition)   |  July 2010
    Ranked 1st in India and represented India among the top 15 global teams at Microsoft’s Imagine cup, Poland 2010, under Embedded Development theme for the project, “Wizitank”, an unmanned ground vehicle for military purposes.
  8. Best Experiential Learning Module, Young India Fellowship Programme  |  May 2012
    Awarded the best experiential learning module (ELM) at the Young India Fellowship Programme for the project viSparsh.
  9. IT Excellence: Inspire the Industry, Microsoft  |  Nov. 2013
    Received three ‘Inspire the Industry’ awards in the past one and a half years while working at Microsoft
  10. Best Business Value Award, Microsoft Garage  |  June 2013
    Selected as the project with the best business value for the organization. For MSTrans project which is based on Internet of Things and demonstrates how to make travel for MS employees hassle free.
  11. Hackmobile, Qualcomm | July 2016
    Awarded first prize for winning Qualcomm Hackmobile event. The event included 3 rounds with 300 interns competing for the prize. The project was presented to the leadership team in the board room of Qualcomm.
  12. Internet of Voice Challenge, Amazon Alexa | Sept 2016
    Won third prize at the Internet of Voice Challenge. The event was organized by Hackster.com and was sponsored by Amazon Alexa team. The award was for the ‘Smart Cap’ project. Smart Cap is an assistant for visually impaired which narrates the description of scene by taking pictures from webcam.